Sunday, 21 June 2015

Making the first La Shuks One-Off artworks!

I thoroughly enjoyed spending a chunk of my life in a papery, sticky, screen-printy bubble, ignoring the outside world and making these two unique one-off pieces of artwork. I got so involved in the process, that my studio was a foot deep in paper ....paper off-cuts literally everywhere! On more than one occasion I even curled up and napped in the huge nest of paper! But the finished products did me proud, with one of them selling on the first day at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead. Thank you, lovely buyer!

"Bear" (sold!)

Every individual segment has been screen printed itself... and then cut and collaged together with my photos I took of the Rocky Mountains to make up their own scene.
detail from "Dragon"

Both feature the usual La Shuks setting of a future earth (millions of years after humans no longer exist) where the natural elements have over time absorbed all the ephemera left behind; the advertising, branding and packaging ...eventually evolving into creatures. Well, you never know....this might actually happen!!? 
detail from adventurously titled "Bear"

...I've just remembered the paper-cuts!!! Still, I'll do it all again.. ...currently planning the next bunch...

Take home a dragon!  85 x 85 cm in a white wooden frame 

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