Sunday, 7 April 2019

Final Two Artworks in the Cayman Inspired Series

I'm so pleased to complete my series of four artworks that were inspired by the Caribbean paradise of Cayman! The final two are "Underlush" and "Siren's Sound" below...

With each one, my intention was to capture the island’s distinguishing features: the incredibly clear turquoise waters, the famous blowholes, stunning sunsets and the abundance of tropical luscious palm trees.

Siren's Sound
I felt peaceful and serene while ‘researching’ and creating these artworks (not hard when in Cayman!) and spent time asking people about their stand out features... I had a couple of speciaI requests to add a rooster into one of them! 
There are only ten of each in existence, they are mixed media, combining photography, hand painted layers and vectorised illustration with hand finished with extra details, like gold leaf, so each one is unique.
If anyone wants to buy, please check out my website link HERE. Love, La Shuks

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

My Cayman Inspired artworks

I have been visiting the beautiful Caribbean Island of Grand Cayman for the last few weeks. While here, I have been busy creating a series of new tropical inspired artworks. The first two are now finished!

'Clamorous Cove' size 90 x 90 cm (35 x 35 inches) 

This one is called 'Clamorous Cove', and was inspired by the blowholes found on Grand Cayman Island... It's a scenic area where seawater rushes through openings on the rocky shore, creating natural fountains.
Watching this force of nature happening feels like a celebration.... an unexpected explosion of water, like confetti, fireworks or champagne corks popping!
So I wanted this piece to reflect this feeling of celebration, along with the warmth of a Caribbean sunset.

Over The Boardwalk was inspired while exploring the West Bay, a quieter part of the Island, walking on looking out for colourful wildlife.

Both artworks are available either on paper or on canvas. more info HERE

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Owning these prints will make you RICH!

Freshly printed and ready to brighten up your life with their hidden mystical powers!

Fortunitous Verticillata 50 x 50cm

My two new artworks; 'Fortunitous Verticillata' and Sorcerix Prosperitis' Two very rare species of plants, that the ancients say brings great fortune... and riches of love, luck, health and happiness. 
Apparently just buying these prints does the exact same thing, and you don't even have to water them!  More photos and info on my online shop: HERE 

Sorcerix Prosperitis 50 x 50cm

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Wish You Were Here - exhibition at Unlimited Gallery

New piece of mixed media artwork created for a groupshow at Unlimited Gallery, Brighton called Wish You Were Here! (I decided to get super creative with the title of my piece and call it the same name as the exhibition)

I've been really getting into the mixing of media lately: lots of hand painting plus photography parts, merged together with a bit of photoshop collaging, and a sprinkle of vectors on top! 

Close up pics of all the action..
This piece is currently being shown at 'Wish You Were Here' group show at @unlimitedshopuk Unlimited Gallery. The show runs until the 22nd September 2018.  DETAILS HERE
It's a limited edition of 20 achival quality giclee prints. 50 x 70cm. £200 

In Situation!

Wish You Were Here on my website

Friday, 1 June 2018

New Artwork Alert!

After many months of experimenting with different techniques and ways of working, I am finally releasing the first of a new series of artworks! This is "Catching Refractions"a combonation of abstract painting,  vector drawing, photographic and digital collage.  
a lone babe waits to catch the magic wave....

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Artists Open Houses - Part of Brighton May Festival

It's the 1st of May... and that means the start of Brighton Festival. And THAT means the city of Brighton & Hove goes culture crazy for an entire month... arty-foodie-musicy-watchy-performy delights every which way, it's great!
...and on all 4 weekends it's 'Artists Open Houses' where you can pick one of the many 'trails' and wander around checking out the art of 100's of artists. I shall be exhibiting at Powder Beauty Boutique, on the central trail.

Some dramatic picture hanging action captured here.

Join us for a preview peek and drinks this Wednesday (May 2nd). 5:30pm
Open House every Saturday and Sunday in May,12-5pm.
Powder Boutique, 36a Duke Street, Brighton, BN1 1AG.

Monday, 9 April 2018

La Shuks beer exists!

I was given a cool opertunity to design my own beer can label. 

So I decided to do an adaptation from one of my large artworks 'Dark Matter'. I'm pretty happy with the result... And the beer itself is pretty tasty too!

'SHUKS' beer design was based on Dark Matter, a limited edition print available to buy HERE

Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Woman's Day exhibition poster

The rise of women doesn't just benefit the female population. For too long, women have had to battle men in a man's world, by mimicking the qualities that such a world prized (we shan't go into those here!). Finally, women are beginning to rise, but crucially, while maintaining femininity and the aspects of their nature that set them apart, and make them unique. 
There's still a long way to go, but if the divine gifts of women are allowed to breathe freely alongside their male counterparts.... the earth and every one of its inhabitants benefits exponentially!! That's what my 'protest poster' is about for the WOMEN'S MARCH exhibition at @unlimitedshopuk. Staring today until March 31st. Let's ALL celebrate International Women's Day!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Women's March 2018 exhibition at Unlimited Gallery

Really pleased to be amongst some extremely talented artists for this very special exhibition! 

From 8th March - 31st March at Unlimited Gallery.

"Here at Unlimited we are busily planning a year of Unlimited Women, and we're kicking things off with a group exhibition entitled WOMEN'S MARCH.

Unlimited have selected an amazing array of 40+ contemporary designers and illustrators to each create a one off piece in the form of a ‘protest poster’ celebrating women - a statement of love / hope / admiration or a shout out for rights they believe in!

Inspired by the centenary of votes for Women and coinciding with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, the exhibition is a chance for the artists to create unique artworks that can be fun, playful, passionate and thought provoking."
Open 10.30-5.30 Wed-Sat. 11-5 Sun
10 Church Street, Brighton BN1 1US 
More Info HERE

Monday, 15 January 2018

New Year = New bespoke work diary project!

First of all happy new year! Yes I know it's half way through January already but I've only just finished making my new year's diary / work planner. Every year I give myself the extra project if making my new book entirely from scratch, using collaged pieces of off-cuts & recent artwork colour test prints.
It's always intended to only take a few days... that time between Christmas and New Year that is still half holiday time... but every year my project starts creeping past new year's eve, than past the first week.... and into the second. Finally (usually mid-January) it's done and time to go get it spiral bound and ready to use!

So I'm pleased to have finally finished this year's diary, bang on time -mid Jan. (complete with bespoke charts, diagrams and tabbed sections for everything a creative art boss person could need! )

Here are a few 'in progress' shots of the collaging of the front and back covers. In reality there were about 50 shots I took throughout the 'work in progress' it slowly & gradually became the final image. But here I have selected just four of each..

Wishing you all a happy healthy and fruitful 2018!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

First lil foray into animation..... needs some work!

This is my first attempt at animating one of my artworks... so forgive the wibbly quality! 

This is the moving version of Wrapper Rapids..
Just had to portray the excitement of these organisms (evolved from discarded bubble gum wrappers) swimming upstream to spawn...
...I think I need a little more practice in this new arena of video editing, but watch this space.... I've got LOADS of exciting plans to come!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Boxbird Gallery Christmas Open House in Seaford

Today and tomorrow (2nd and 3rd Dec) it's the Boxbird Gallery Christmas Open House! Featuring arty gifty bargains galore... Including a range of my La Shuks artworks!

'This December pop over to sunny Seaford to experience a grotto bursting at the seams with beautiful affordable artwork by some of the UK's finest artists!
Explore prints, products & gift ideas starting from as little as £10 and make your Christmas gifts unique & every lasting this year. Or perhaps its time to breath some fresh air into your living room before the big day, treat your self to a new piece and bring your home to life.
We will be introducing new work by many of our artists including Dee Beale, Penelope Kenny & La Shucks. And welcoming new artists Charlie Sutclife & Anthony Peters to the Boxbird crew! There will also be some bargains to be had with offers only available in house during the show!!' Address: 48 Grosvenor Road, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 2BT. Open 10am-5pm.