Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Story of La Shuks: Where, When, Who and Why??

Part 1: Where & When?
So the scenes in La Shuks artworks take place in future times.... but when EXACTLY I hear you wonder. Well I thought it best to explain by means of a simple timeline of bite sized diagrams:

1: Present Day: Billions of people inhabiting the earth, all busily selling their brands, creating logos and adverts to get noticed.

2: Fast Forward to the distant future: the earth is now overflowing with even more branding, logos and advertising. More people, more advertising, more more more!

3: Fast Forward to thousands of years further on from the distant future... and human beings no longer inhabit the earth... but all their designs, packaging, branding, advertising and logos remain. 

4: Fast Forward to a million years on from thousands of years after the distant future..... and something unbelievable has happened; all the creations leftover from ancient human times, have long since lost their original meaning, gradually become engrained in the natural elements... and eventually begun to evolve themselves, and even grow consciousness...
This is when La Shuks was born!

Part 2: Who and Why?
From a young age I was immersed into different cultures. Moving to Seoul, Korea at aged 4 for four years, the first signs of an never-ending fascination with characters and lettering design on packaging started to appear....
mmmm....Lotte Choco Pie "premium quality" memories....

Then came 8 years living in Hong Kong, where this fascination only grew stronger! There was just a beauty in the shapes and bold outlines of the Korean, Japanese and Chinese characters on my favourite snacks. "Too much daydreaming" every school report card reported!
Little Twin Stars and cheesy Pack Man crisps?!? Swoon...
The next country move was to Dubai for another 8 years. This gave an additional brand new perspective, and another world of fascinating packaging design to admire!

After fiendishly travelling in the many years that followed... all these childhood influences still swirling around, started to merge with a love of natural settings... and eventually developed into the form of La Shuks!
A frozen hot mocha chocolate ice cream with an Inukshuk nearby, while sitting on a mountain? Yes. 
So hopefully that explains everything. Thanks for reading! For further discussions about anything on your mind, feel free to get in touch.

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