Sunday, 7 April 2019

Final Two Artworks in the Cayman Inspired Series

I'm so pleased to complete my series of four artworks that were inspired by the Caribbean paradise of Cayman! The final two are "Underlush" and "Siren's Sound" below...

With each one, my intention was to capture the island’s distinguishing features: the incredibly clear turquoise waters, the famous blowholes, stunning sunsets and the abundance of tropical luscious palm trees.

Siren's Sound
I felt peaceful and serene while ‘researching’ and creating these artworks (not hard when in Cayman!) and spent time asking people about their stand out features... I had a couple of speciaI requests to add a rooster into one of them! 
There are only ten of each in existence, they are mixed media, combining photography, hand painted layers and vectorised illustration with hand finished with extra details, like gold leaf, so each one is unique.
If anyone wants to buy, please check out my website link HERE. Love, La Shuks

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