Friday, 26 February 2016

La Shuks lands at the Affordable Art Fair, Brussels.

I'm excited to be exhibiting at the always amazing show that is the Affordable Art Fair.... This time: Brussels!
Showing at the Liberty Gallery stand. Friday 26th until Monday 29th.

Sunset Rising and Dawn Merger
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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hello "Ruby in the Dust"...

Until now, the world of La Shuks has featured landscapes inhabited solely by tribes of little beasties, and critters formed from residual bits of once-meaningful ephemera from long gone human times... 
But it was bound to eventually happen... all these leftover bits of graphics, logos and adverts with their newly formed consciousness, then combined together, evolving into an even higher form of majestic being! Sure she looks humanesque...but is actually far more advanced than we could possibly understand, being merely humans... but she does seem to be delivering a peaceful message of some sort, whilst expertly surfing a piece of rock through the dust clouds in a most baddass fashion...
Close ups
final layer hot off the screen print bed!
This is a 7 colour-layer silk screen print, with an added little bit of lino cut texture to finish. Limited edition of 25... But each print's colour combinations are slightly different due to the individual layering up of the colours by hand. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Snippets ...

Work in progress! I'm busily scheming , planning and arting away creating a whole new series of artworks.... almost to be released, but for now, here are some snippits.