Thursday, 24 August 2017

First Bloom of a New Series!

I'm back! Unintentionally, I seem to have just emerged from a 2 month work-hibernation / or 'boot camp' of sorts... not posting anything on social media, just working on a series of brand new artworks, taking the concept within the world of La Shuks art into a slightly different direction.
Thistle & Fructose is the first of these new works to emerge in full bloom!
Kind of completely different to my previous work, yet exactly the same (?!) in that, it features the same future earth, (long after human extinction) where nature itself has evolved from fusions of mutated rubbish/ trash, packaging and other bits of long lost meaning. But instead of landscapes... We're zooming right in to an extreme close up of a patch of foliage and the colourful floral sproutings that have blossomed eventually from the oddments and ephemera. 
Thistle & Fructose SHOP page   Dimensions 70cm x 70cm (27 x 27 inches) 

how Thistle & Fructose might look on a wall near you....