Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Next Exhibit: Affordable Art Fair Brussels

As well as the "50 x 50" group show currently showing at London's Saatchi Gallery (extended to February 28th), I'm also exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair Brussels, taking place this weekend from the 17th to the 20th February. So if you're Belgium bound and fancying an arty escapade, head for the Liberty Gallery stand, and hey presto: La Shuks artwork! MORE INFO

Friday, 3 February 2017

Dusk Hustle: The first of my latest artworks.

The first of my new works, inspired by my recent gallivanting. The photography element of the scene is a collage of photos from South Africa, Canada and UK. 
Mixed media with screen printed elements. 70 x 70cm. Limited edition of 50.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Photo Diary of a South African Inspiration Reccy

Now it may at first seem that I am merely posting some holiday snaps in this post. But that could not be further from the truth! What lies below is a visual smattering of findings from my latest inspiration and photograhic research trip. Destination: South Africa. 
After 2 days, 3 flights, a diverted plane due to dust storm, an unscheduled overnight in Dubai, & a propellor plane landing in 70mph winds, we reached the first stop: Addo Elephant Park.
A delirious but happy La Shuks gets down to business. The busness of taking in one's surroundings from the moving vantage point of a swinging seat. Then a spot of sketching the nearby thatched mudhut roofs, while enjoying local delicacies... namely cheesy Nik Naks.
Then onto what I was really here for: a proper safari to take in the wilderness of the South African Eastern Cape in all it's glory, and take some photos. The colours! The landscapes! The wildlife! ...and observing the peaceful community life of elephant families. Is there anything cuter than the trunk of a baby elephant?? (If so, then please write and let me know)
Next stop: Nature's Valley. A couple of hours drive from the semi-arid surrounds of Addo, this magical eco treehouse-style hostel, is set within the luscious rainforest region, complete with hiking trails and even it's own 80 foot waterfall and rock pools on the property! Heaven.
 A couple of hairy encounters with baboons, some less threatening primate observations, an invigoratingly icy dip in the rock pool, and countless hours daydreaming with intent at sunsets, moons and other lofty sky spheres ...all help to re-set the mind, and get those new ideas brewing and tingling......
 I am currently back in the UK and in extreme-creative-production-mode, working on my next series of artworks, hugely inspired by my time being immersed in this beautiful country, & the landscapes of my South African adventure. Watch this space for more La Shuks Future Nature!

* * * * * *
Links to these two amazing places to stay:
Cryslin African Lodge  Addo Wild Spirit Lodge Nature's Valley