Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My Art Ispiration / Photographic Research Road Trip to the Rockies of Canada!

A few months ago, (well, 5 months ago to be exact... it's taken me THAT long to get around to making a little blog post about it) I went road tripping through the most gorgeous parts of Canada, taking photos of the eye-poppingly beautiful scenery to use in my artworks.

 Sights like THIS: Lake Peyto. One of the most stunning places to visit and have lunch by, and soak up all it's glacier-made luminous turquoise-ness!
Not in the least bit nervous about heading into bear country...
There was a fair bit of hiking to get to the best views... Didn't actually see any bears though, I'm slightly relieved to report.

Except for this one.             Saw a whole delicious load of stunning mountains though...

Except for the highest mountain in Canada, Mount Robson. I really wanted to photograph it for my work, but the cloudy weather that day didn't allow it. Another trip I guess..

                                                                 Finally spotted Mount Robson! (on a poster in the gift shop)

I was so excited to stumble across a beach festival of inukshuks. Little piles of stones historically used as landmarks for navigation in the wilderness. 
These ones though, were just hanging out for fun.

blending into the forest...                                      and over-excitedly riding the cable                                                                                                 cars near Lake Louise 
Has there ever been a lake quite as still as this? Lake Nicola playing tricks with your eyes..

Lake Louise... the stuff of chocolate boxes. 
Again with the turquoise water! I could live here on this lake.

This is real?!? More photos...

This is work.... honest, it's for research.

An actual glacier! It the flesh (so to speak). A fair few photos were taken up here at the Columbia Icefields Parkway.

Zooming in on the beauty of the glacier
not going to mess around any more... I'm going large.

Feeding my addiction to Dairy Queen's 'Peanut Buster Parfait', and knowing our love can't last.... (due to no Dairy Queen in UK... WHY?!!)

I had never seen a chipmunk before, and then suddenly this happened! An ambush while picnicking on a mountain side at Lake Louise.
The tenacious little cutie stole some bits for lunch.. here he is nibbling on a nutritious dried banana chip. One of his 5-a-day..

...and finally this stuff..POUTINE. Chips, cheese and gravy: a dream combo!
Serving suggestion: just add glacier.

Since returning from Canada, I have been busily creating a new series of artworks featuring some of my amazing mountainous finds from this road trip... coming soon!