Sunday, 16 September 2018

Wish You Were Here - exhibition at Unlimited Gallery

New piece of mixed media artwork created for a groupshow at Unlimited Gallery, Brighton called Wish You Were Here! (I decided to get super creative with the title of my piece and call it the same name as the exhibition)

I've been really getting into the mixing of media lately: lots of hand painting plus photography parts, merged together with a bit of photoshop collaging, and a sprinkle of vectors on top! 

Close up pics of all the action..
This piece is currently being shown at 'Wish You Were Here' group show at @unlimitedshopuk Unlimited Gallery. The show runs until the 22nd September 2018.  DETAILS HERE
It's a limited edition of 20 achival quality giclee prints. 50 x 70cm. £200 

In Situation!

Wish You Were Here on my website