Monday, 30 May 2016

New Artwork number 2: Pin-Up Falls

All the images of glamorous pin-ups (that had been used to sell products on packaging, back in human days)... were finally free to gallivant and frolic, and form into waterfalls! 
Yep, I'm pretty sure this will happen a few million years from now..
"Pin-Up Falls"
(coming soon as a limited edition print.)

Zoom In! Detail from Pinup Falls

Friday, 27 May 2016

New Season, New Art !

I'm thrilled to finally be putting out into the world the first of a whole new series of artworks. The process has been riddled with set backs galore, (including a pretty bad shoulder injury... damn you, screen printing) but I'm powering on through!

A whole load of exciting things bubbling up in the world of La Shuks over the coming summer months. But for now, this is "Sunsents"
(a sunset, but not quite as we know it back here in 2016...)

Friday, 13 May 2016

La Shuks hits Dubai!

The lesser spotted desert-salmon (top left)                   Mutated logo-beasts glamming it up (middle)
Woweee Dubaiiii!
What a difference a decade makes. I spent a sizeable chunk of my youth here. And now I'm back... on another photographic research trip /family visit /vaycay... with a bit of sketching in the 40 degree heat, taboule munching, supermarket loitering and a pinch of yachting.